Get your child to stop procrastinating on their college essay for applications

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Many high school students feel fear, anxiety, and overwhelming stress at the thought of having to write about themselves for their college essays. Some high school students decide to not apply to schools that require college essays. Don't let the college essay stop your child from getting accepted to a college that could thrust their career.

How We Solve This Issue

We use Harrison Assessments technology to help your child know what their strengths in easy to use language that they can directly use in their college essay. In just 20 minutes, your child can recieve their Your Greatest Strengths report. Harrison Assessments is used by companies all over the world to help hire, develop, and keep great employees.

College Essay

Why choose this for your child? 

Build Confidence...the insights in the Your Greatest Strengths report are written in postive language. Your child will recieve pages of ego boosting information about what they do well.

Save Time....instead of your child spending hours staring at their application wondering how to start, in 20 minutes they can have acurate insights on their strengths. 

Save Frustration...for both you and your child as they will have information they can pull from to help write their essay.

Many Uses...Not only can the data you get be used for college essays, it can also be used for job and internship interviews.

Which kids and parents need this package?

Kids who.... 

  • Think they are not good at anything or suffer from self-confidence issues
  • Have challenges with writing assignments
  • Struggle with expressing themselves
  • Do not know how to articulate what they are good at


Parents who are tired of having to nag their child to get their essay done

The Best Foot Forward package includes... 

  • A short video that provides an overview of the Harrison Assessment. This is useful because many children haven’t taken an assessment before or they haven’t taken one that is so individualized and comprehensive. We want to make sure your child is set up for success from the start!
  • Access to complete the Harrison Assessment. The questionnaire takes about 20 minutes to complete. 
  • Your Greatest Strengths report which is an ego boost for your child by highlighting what they do best and reduce the amount of time it takes to write the college essay. 
  • Guide to help identify key strengths in the report and apply it to the college essay.

You have helped your child this far along the journey. It’s time to take the final step toward their success!  


You will spend well over $1,000 of dollars for college application fees, travel, food and lodging visiting colleges, and costs for college prep tests for schools.

You don't want to have your child miss a great opportunity for their future just because of the essay. Make this investment so you move foward with confidence towards their success.

Purchase the Best Foot Forward Package for $125 (via PayPal)

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What parents and students are saying about My Ideal College....

  “This is exactly what my son needed to get him focused on his future. He has a clear plan of what he wants to do and how to do it.” - Lisa M., Parent

“I really liked the personalized information. My Ideal College introduced me to job possibilities I never would have considered otherwise. I highly recommend My Ideal College to anyone who isn’t sure what career they should pursue and the education to get it.” 

- Alaina E., Student

“We found Laurie’s services invaluable when it was time to have our son focus on his plans for the future. We wanted to make the best use of Georgia’s Move On When Ready (Dual Enrollment) program. Career aptitude tests we looked at seemed so generalized and lacked the information we really needed to make an informed decision. The testing and follow up meetings with Laurie helped put our son on the correct path for choosing a college!” 

- Duane K., Parent

“My Ideal College provided my daughter with vital information about careers where she could not only succeed, but also thrive because she'd enjoy what she was doing. Laurie's individual attention coupled with the time she took to discuss results and what they mean in the real world was so personalized— that's not something you find in other places. I would recommend My Ideal College to anyone planning to further their education."

- Gina E., Parent

“I was really happy to have the opportunity to work with Mrs. Genevish from My Ideal College. I was struggling with making some decisions about what I wanted to do after high school. The reports I got back from the testing I did with My Ideal College helped me to focus on narrowing down career choices for my future. The process was enjoyable and my coaching sessions assisted me in understanding what all the reports meant."

- Devin K., Student

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How does my child complete the Harrison Work Preferences Questionnaire?  

A. Your child completes the questionnaire online. It takes 20 minutes to complete. We suggest that your child complete it on a computer versus the phone. This will help make sure they are more focused. 

Q. My child has learning disabilities. Will that affect the results of the questionnaire?  

A. We suggest kids who have learning disabilities take the questionnaire with either a parent, guardian, or friend present. They can help answer any questions they have while completing it.

Q. How long will it take to get the Your Greatest Strengths report after completing the questionnaire?

A. Your child will be emailed the Your Greatest Strengths report within 24 hours of completing the work preferences questionnaire.

Q. What ages can complete the Harrison Work Preferences Questionnaire?

A. Your child must be at least 15 years old to complete the questionnaire.

Q. What is your refund policy?

A. A full refund is available before your child takes the Harrison Work Preferences Questionnaire. minus a $25 processing fee. Due to the cost associated with the questionnaire, there are no refunds available after the questionnaire has been completed. Thank you for your understanding in this regard.  


What is My Ideal College?

My Ideal College helps high-school students identify careers they will enjoy and determine the best college (or other education).  

The owner, Laurie Genevish, takes her years of corporate experience helping companies hire, develop, and retain the best employees in jobs they love. Companies like Penske, Freshii, Transamerica, and Marlin Leasing. She knows what companies are looking for in new hires and college grads. Now she is taking her knowledge and expertise to help high-schoolers.

Laurie has always wanted to help kids and through her love of assessments and coaching, she is assisting high-school students get on the path for career success and helping parents make the best investment for colleges.

Laurie lives in Georgia with her husband, Scott, and her two boys Donnie and Thomas.