What You'll Learn Inside

  • Step 1 - Gain understanding and agreement about the educational path to pursue  
  • Step 2 - Determine the criteria you will use to pick the ideal college  
  • Step 3 - Research the best educational options
  • Step 4 - Research financial options


We share the two most important items you need to know before you start helping your child determine their future. 

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What parents and students are saying about My Ideal College

“This is exactly what my son needed to get him focused on his future. He has a clear plan of what he wants to do and how to do it.” 

- Lisa M., Parent 

"I really liked the personalized information. My Ideal College introduced me to job possibilities I never would have considered otherwise. I highly recommend My Ideal College to anyone who isn’t sure what career they should pursue and the education to get it.”  

- Alaina E., Student

“We found Laurie’s services invaluable when it was time to have our son focus on his plans for the future. We wanted to make the best use of Georgia’s Move On When Ready (Dual Enrollment) program. Career aptitude tests we looked at seemed so generalized and lacked the information we really needed to make an informed decision. The testing and follow up meetings with Laurie helped put our son on the correct path for choosing a college!”  

- Duane K., Parent

“My Ideal College provided my daughter with vital information about careers where she could not only succeed, but also thrive because she'd enjoy what she was doing. Laurie's individual attention coupled with the time she took to discuss results and what they mean in the real world was so personalized— that's not something you find in other places. I would recommend My Ideal College to anyone planning to further their education."  

- Gina E., Parent

“I was really happy to have the opportunity to work with Mrs. Genevish from My Ideal College. I was struggling with making some decisions about what I wanted to do after high school. The reports I got back from the testing I did with My Ideal College helped me to focus on narrowing down career choices for my future. The process was enjoyable and my coaching sessions assisted me in understanding what all the reports meant."  

- Devin K., Student