College & Career Action Planning Workshop

KENNESAW GA | January 20th 1:30pm - 5:00pm

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Only 10 8 spots available for teens.

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Price goes up to $600 for any registrations within 24 hours before the event. 

 Must be at least 15 years of age to participate.

College & Career Action Planning Workshop

KENNESAW GA | January 20th 1:30pm - 5:00pm

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Only 10 9 spots available for teens.

If you act right now you pay full price of $475.00. 

Price goes up to $600 for any registrations within 24 hours before the event. 

 Must be at least 15 years of age to participate.


You will spend up to $10,000 just trying to get your child into college. 

You will pay for 

  • SAT/ACT test fees and prep courses
  • Gas, airline, hotel, and food for visiting the colleges
  • College application fees
  • College admissions advisor fees

College is too big of a financial investment to go into without a clear path for your teen.

Avoid the mistake of having your child drop out or getting a degree that they never end up pursuing as a career.


Prior to the workshop you and your teen will get:

During the workshop your teen will get:

  • Coaching in a peer setting. 
  • Help them understand their greatest strengths, jobs that match their natural talents and interests, job outlook/salary, and colleges or tech schools they should focus on for those careers.
  • Self-created action plans to determine the best colleges and careers for them.

After the workshop:

  • Access to their Career Navigator Portal for two years.
  • A parent guide to help you coach your teen. 
  • 1 hour coaching call with My Ideal College

** BONUS ** If possible, we will connect your teen with people in their fields of interest.


Benefits for Your Teen

By the end of the personal coaching your teen will have:

  • A clear idea of careers they want to pursue
  • Job outlook and salary of those careers
  • Institutions that provide the education for those careers
  • An understanding of their greatest strengths and how to utilize them in their college essay and for internship/job interviews
  • Information on where and how to find professionals to interview in their careers of interest

Priceless Benefits for YOU

  • Save time and money when touring colleges by only focusing on the ones your teen should consider
  • Confidence when writing those large tuition checks
  • Peace of mind that your teen has throughly researched and considered their options and they have a solid plan


"Laurie provided my daughter with vital information about careers and colleges where she could not only succeed, but also thrive because she’d enjoy what she was doing."  

Gina Evans, Parent

"I have been very pleased with having Laurie work with my son. We agreed that he felt “stuck” because he didn’t have a real feel for what he would do for a future career path which hampered his ability to find a college match. After he completed the consultation and testing with Laurie, my son was surprised at what his interests were best suited for. The assessment opened his eyes to look at fields and career that he would have never even considered (and honestly didn’t know existed) before. I’m grateful for the clarity and personal empowerment that Laurie’s consultation instilled in my son in just a couple of sessions."  

Tanya B., Parent

“We found Laurie’s services invaluable when it was time to have our son focus on his plans for the future. We wanted to make the best use of Georgia’s Move On When Ready (Dual Enrollment) program. Career aptitude tests we looked at seemed so generalized and lacked the information we really needed to make an informed decision. The testing and follow up meetings with Laurie helped put our son on the correct path for choosing a college!”  

- Duane K., Parent


Desktop Coworking Community 3070 North Main St. Kennesaw, GA 30144 Phone: 770-485-1114


Laurie Genevish is passionate about making the process of finding the ideal college easier for parents and their children. She’s the mother of 9th grader Donnie and 5th grader Thomas. Laurie and her husband, Scott, are active in scouts, marching band, and the PTA. And, like you, they want to help their children make the right choices.  

Laurie learned the hard way about the dangers of not doing research before choosing a college. “I went to college to be a marine biologist because I love being in the water,” she recalls. “When I arrived and found out how much math and science was involved for that degree, I was shocked. These were two subjects that did not come easy for me. Now here I was in college wondering what I was going to do next.” She earned a communications degree and gets to the beach as often as she can.  


So, why call it My Ideal College? “What is ideal is very personal and different for everyone. There are some kids who thrive in the traditional college environment while others prefer alternate schooling paths. Why would you want to send your child to a traditional college and get deep in debt only to discover they could be happy and successful somewhere else?”  

High schools don’t often prepare parents and their children for assessing their options. Many career tests and reports from those tests offer generic information that doesn’t help students and their parents make informed decisions about careers and schools available to them.  

In the corporate arena, Laurie has used assessment technology for many years to help coach and hire, develop and retain employees in jobs that they love. These companies include Penske, Freshii, Marlin Leasing, and HeatTek. Now she wants to use it to help young adults plan for their future. Through the My Ideal College process, Laurie delves into what a student would really enjoy and shares exactly what skills and educational background they need.